We Are Moving!

Big Red Dot Sale: We are moving and clearing out all of the products that we don’t want to carry online. It’s probably about half of the store. 

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My Quarantine Week, April 19-25

As I sit at my desk writing this and looking out the window, I can see some of our goats playing, birds flitting about, a dogwood blooming, and the woods getting greener by the minute. I love living in the country!

This Spring day gives me hope for the future. My life will change because of the pandemic, but just like the trees, I will bloom again!

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A Primer on Keeping Goats

What’s involved in keeping goats and how much would one cost? And do they require friends or are they ok solo? Answers to your goat questions…

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12 Days of Christmas…Gifts 2018

This blog post is the condensed version of our 12 Days of Christmas Gifts email series and Facebook posts. We’ve got you covered! The holidays are filled with blinking lights, familiar songs, cakes, cookies, good cheer…and stress! We love Christmas and are here to help you love it more by making it easier to find …

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Batch Cooking To Save Time

Batch cooking chili

People sometimes ask me how I do it all: run the farm and a business and have a life. One of the ways I managed to save time is by batch cooking. Often times Sundays are filled up with cooking and laundry, though I always seem to find time to relax and knit on Sunday …

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Goat Combing Days

Did you know that the luxurious fiber used to make cashmere sweaters comes from goats? It does! Being a knitter and crocheter, I was terribly excited when I learned that cashmere comes from goats. You see, I was researching what kind of animals I wanted to raise on the farm we were starting. That was …

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