Short Rows: Wrap and Turn Method

Short rows are used in knitting to create a curve. They are often used in sock heels and toes, sweater shaping, and to add a gentle curve to the bottom of ponchos, capes, and shawls. Wrap and turn is probably the most common way to do short rows. There are a lot of instructions online …

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How to Pick Up and Knit

Pick Up and Knit

Many garment patterns use the technique “pick up and knit” to create finished edges and button bands. In the following videos, I’ll demonstrate how to pick up and knit on a stockinette stitch edge, cast on edge, and garter stitch edge. These are the most common edges that you will encounter for this technique, and …

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Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off (JSSBO)

Named after the developer, Jeny Staiman, the full name of this bind off should be Jeny’s Surprisingly Simple Super-Stretchy Bind Off. But that’s a mouthful. It is a wonderful bind off for anything that needs a stretchy edge – like socks, hats, cowls, necklines, hems, etc. It is very similar to the classic bind off …

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Grafting & Seaming Your Knitwear

Seaming & Grafting Your Knits

Here in our store, we often say that the difference between homemade and handmade is in the details. One of the biggest details to improve your knitting is to master grafting and seaming. Kitchener stitch and mattress stitch are the 2 most common methods of seaming and grafting. This video is a very good tutorial …

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How to Knit An Applied I-Cord

How to Knit an Applied I-Cord

An applied i-cord gives a nice finish to your edges. I’ve used it on the Stag Head Pillow and the Cinnamon Girl Cardigan. It perfectly hides my zipper on the Cinnamon Girl Cardigan. (These are both knit alongs in the Knit Along Club.) This video is a great tutorial on how to knit an applied …

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Reading Your Knitting

Read Your Knitting

Reading your knitting is the ability to identify the stitches you’ve completed. This is an important skill, and can save you time and frustration once you’ve mastered it. This series of blog posts by Felicia at The Craft Sessions is a good introduction on how to read your knitting. One of the best things you …

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Advanced Swatching: Adjusting Your Size

Advanced Swatching

Customize Your Garment Knowing how to make simple adjustments to your patterns allows you to customize any pattern to fit you perfectly. Learning how to adjust the overall size of a garment is the first step to customizing a pattern. This is handy to know if: You are between sizes You’re not happy with the …

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12 Days of Christmas…Gifts 2018

This blog post is the condensed version of our 12 Days of Christmas Gifts email series and Facebook posts. We’ve got you covered! The holidays are filled with blinking lights, familiar songs, cakes, cookies, good cheer…and stress! We love Christmas and are here to help you love it more by making it easier to find …

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Lifelines are Lifesavers!

Lifelines are Life Savers!

A lifeline can be used with any type of knitted project, but it is especially helpful in lace knitting. Mistakes are much harder to fix in lace knitting than in other forms of knitting. The lifeline holds a row of stitches so that if you make a mistake, you can simply drop the stitches off …

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Batch Cooking To Save Time

Batch cooking chili

People sometimes ask me how I do it all: run the farm and a business and have a life. One of the ways I managed to save time is by batch cooking. Often times Sundays are filled up with cooking and laundry, though I always seem to find time to relax and knit on Sunday …

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