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On September 4, 2021, we closed the doors for good. Read more about it on the home page.

Mountain Hollow Farm Cashmere Goats

Mountain Hollow Farm sells Cashmere goats for breeding stock, spinner’s flocks & pets. Contact us to learn more about the fine animals we have for sale.

Cashmere goats are dual purpose animals raised for their luxurious cashmere and delicious meat. These animals are great for beginner or experienced farmers. They are easy to care for, very hardy, and usually kid on their own without any problems.

Cashmere is not a breed of goat; it is a type of goat. Cashmere is the soft down of the goat that grows beneath the guard hair. Cashmere goats have been bred to produce a large amount of especially fine down, which is cashmere. Consequently, there is not one “look” for cashmere goats. They come in a variety of colors, hair lengths and horn shapes. Mountain Hollow Farm Cashmere goats meet the strict standards of the North American Cashmere Goat Standard.

The average Cashmere goat produces 4-6 ounces of cashmere per year and it takes about 16 ounces of cashmere to make a sweater. On the other hand, 1 ounce of cashmere will make a very warm and lightweight scarf.

Cashmere is the soft down of the goat. The fine ringlets can be seen
here between the long and shiny, but coarse, guard hairs


Farm Information Sheet
It is very important to know who you are buying cashmere goats from and what kind of goats they raise. Use this form to help evaluate the cashmere goat farms you visit and the individual goats you are considering to make wise buying decisions.

Prices do not always reflect quality. However, I have purchased $500 cashmere goats, $250 cashmere goats and $75 cashmere goats, and I will tell you that I got what I paid for. We’ve had many more problems with the cheap goats than the more expensive / higher quality ones. Do your research and buy the absolute best stock you can afford. It’s better to buy fewer high quality goats than a bunch of lower quality goats that will give you headaches and heartaches.

Goat Combing Video
Here we demonstrate how we comb our cashmere goats. The building plans for the goat stand we use in the video can be found here: 


List of materials:

Goat Stand
Seat (overturned 5 gallon bucket + old towel)
Tote Bag Toolbox
Nice Goat Feed (as a treat to keep them occupied)
Slicker Brush (dog brush)
Rake Brush (dog brush)
Grocery Bags
Sandwich Bags for Samples to Send to Lab
De-wormer (internal and external)
Blood Stop Powder
Laundry Detergent Cups
Hoof Trimmers or Pruning Shears
Latex Gloves
Famacha Card