Goat Combing Days

Did you know that the luxurious fiber used to make cashmere sweaters comes from goats? It does!

Being a knitter and crocheter, I was terribly excited when I learned that cashmere comes from goats. You see, I was researching what kind of animals I wanted to raise on the farm we were starting. That was over 10 years ago! Needless to say, I took the plunge and purchased our starter herd of cashmere goats in 2008. And I’ve never looked back – I love them!

Every March we host Goat Combing Days here at MHF. Every Thursday and Saturday in March, 10am-2pm, we invite you to come watch or help us harvest cashmere from our goats. It’s a fun hands-on activity for people of all ages. And it’s free!

Drop in anytime during our Goat Combing Days to try your hand at harvesting cashmere!

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