Knit Better.

Knit Confidently.

Have you ever wished you could get knitting help at the precise moment you needed it?


Do you want to be a better, more confident knitter?


We’re here to help!


We started leading knit alongs a few years ago, and quickly noticed how beneficial they are for knitters who want to improve their skills. Our knitters were knitting patterns they never thought they could! They had the confidence to cast on because they knew they could count on our help and support along the way.

A knit along (KAL) is an informal class. Everyone in the KAL works on the same project, but at their own pace, within a given timeframe. 

Our KALs feature both in-person support for those who live nearby, and thorough online support for anyone, anywhere, to take advantage of at anytime.


What to expect in the MHF KAL Club:

  • labelSupport to improve your knitting
    • labelLearn what you need, when you need it. How many times have you taken a technique class and forgotten how to do it by the time you started a project using that technique?
    • labelCurated videos and websites to ensure you learn proper techniques without the hassle of searching the internet
    • labelExplanations of unclear instructions and tricky techniques used in the pattern
    • labelQ&A forums. We’ll answer your specific questions.
    • labelSupport through the entire project. This isn’t a class where you start the project, only to be confounded by a technique further on in the project after the class is over. We help you every step of the way.
  • labelMotivation to finish your projects
  • labelHuge savings over attending classes – no travel expenses, no expensive class fees
  • labelConvenience: Learn from the comfort of your home at anytime – day or night

How it Works

We choose a project.

You join the KAL Club and knit it along with us.

We help you become a better, more confident knitter.

Sign up for one KAL or sign up for a year and receive access to all KALs.

Membership includes:


Single KAL

Annual Membership


In store support*



Online support*



Low flat rate shipping for all KAL yarn & supply purchases


Members only online forum – get help, post photos, see other peopleʼs progress and projects



Bonus KALs



Access to online support for all current and prior KALs for the duration of your membership. Prior KALs include:

  • Cinnamon Girl Cardigan
  • Socks on a Plane
  • Akoya Cardigan
  • Stag Head Pillow
  • Catkin Capelet/Shawl



*The Single KAL includes support for the duration of the chosen KAL.
*The Annual Membership includes support for all KALs started anytime
during your year-long membership until your membership expires,
and includes access to all prior KALs.

Upcoming KALs



Sign up and get ready to cast on!

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$15 Single KAL

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Alice in Wonderland

February 9 – April 20, 2019

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About Us

I’m Beth Bohnert and I own a successful yarn store and raise Cashmere goats and Shetland sheep on Mountain Hollow Farm in Tazewell, TN with my husband, Brett. I love teaching and have helped hundreds of people to improve their knitting skills since opening our store in 2010.

Angela Schramm was one of my first customers. She took the very first class I ever offered – a crochet class – then immediately signed up for my second class to learn to knit. She’s been knitting ever since and joined me to work in the store in 2011.