A Peek and a Glimpse

It’s been raining all day and I’ve done a great job of procrastinating from what I should be doing, which is preparing our tax info for our accountant. I’ve reviewed my Bible study, washed dishes, looked up cool knitting and crochet patterns on the internet, checked email and Facebook, and a myriad of other little things.

So to further procrastinate (I really hate doing tax stuff!), I am going to give you a peek at our living room and a glimpse into my yarn addiction…

So, how many knitting bags do you see? I’ll give you a hint… there’s 6. The green one on the ottoman is my purse. Why do I have so many knitting bags? Well… 3 contain afghans that are in progress, one contains a crochet sweater that is almost finished, the paper bag is full of yarn I bought last weekend (yes, I occaisionally shop at other yarn stores!), and one is for small projects that I take with me when I go places that I might have time to knit or crochet.
The adorable cat on the ottoman is Kitty. She’s a wonderful lap cat and has learned to respect the yarn!

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