A Sad Day at MHF

Today was a sad day. We found Spotless, our mascot goat, dead. He got twisted up in a cross fence in the pasture and couldn’t get out.

You hear about things like that happening, but you never think it will happen to yourself. It is really terrible to lose a goat to something like that. When we erected that fence, it never crossed my mind that a goat would get tangled in it. It’s electric, so one touch and they should back off. Of course now I look at it and think “I should have known better”.

When we first erected the fence, it was 4 electric wires and some of the goats would sneak right through between the wires. So we added more wire but it was loose and loopy. That was our mistake. No more loose and loopy fences for us. A new, safer fence is going up tomorrow and the boys who don’t respect the fence will be wethered (fixed), sold, or taken to the butcher.

Spotless was a wonderful goat. He was beautiful, had a great personality, and respected the fence… until last night.

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