Catching Up

It seems like forever since I wrote my last post. I wished I liked writing – I’m sure I’d post more if I did! I do post regularly on Facebook; you can follow us at

A lot has been happening here at Mountain Hollow Farm since my last post 7 months ago. We are still working on repairing our fences from the flood on June 20, 2011 but many new things are happening too.

I thought about telling you about it in one post but I realized that it would be REALLY long! So, keep an eye on our blog over the next week or two… I’ll be posting! In the meantime, I’ll leave you with some photos of our new bucklings. Violet’s boy was born yesterday and Mocha’s twins were born this morning.

  1. HI Bethie!
    If the twins had waited one more day, they and Walker Paul would have shared a birthday!!!!
    They are very cute and I remember how loving they can be…when not eating clothes and flowers in the garden!

  2. That picture of Mocha and the bucklings actually made me do a double-take…I've got a VERY similar-looking trio here!

    May I ask at what age – and by which method – you wether your buckbabies? I was lucky last year (doelings only) but nature has evened the score this year. Thanks very much for any input you'd care to share.

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