Exhausted & Rejuvinated

I’ve been in Columbus, Ohio for 5 days and I’ve only seen about 5 blocks of the city. Why, you ask? I’ve been at the National Needle Arts (TNNA) Show. It is a huge trade show for yarn and needlepoint stores.

It has been an exhausting 5 days of knitting classes, business classes and an enormous trade show. It was hard to narrow down what to buy for the store. I could have easily spent $50k, but my budget was much, much, much smaller. Most of my purchases will be shipped to the store, but I am coming back with a few goodies including some absolutely adorable baby sweater kits.

I’ve learned a lot at this show and have met some incredible people. I met Gwen Bortner, a national knitting teacher, and we discovered that her husband and my sister were classmates in elementary school.

I am exhausted and overwhelmed, yet I also feel rejuvinated and excited. I can’t wait to get back to the farm and implement some of my new ideas.

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