Fixing the Car

This story is a continuation of my prior post titled Redneck Week at MHF. The car is fixed! I forgot to take photos of it before they started working on it, but I’ve included photos of the hood after Andrew & Ryan cut it open with a sawzall and bolt cutters and a photo of the finished car.

The whole project cost about $300. The new hood and headlight cost $190, the very cool looking hood pins were $10, and we paid our neighbor, Andrew, $50 for his help (which was quite a bargain but he wouldn’t take more).

We wouldn’t have even attempted this if my brother-in-law, Tim, hadn’t encouraged us to try it. Anyone can tell that it was wrecked but we are satisfied with the results, and relieved that we could fix it so cheaply. I think they did a fantastic job given that our Andrew had no experience working on cars and we don’t have mechanic’s tools.

I love that we keep learning new things to make us more self-sufficient! All the projects around here can become overwhelming but it is very satisfying when we are able to conquer a project unlike any we’ve ever done before.

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