Here Kitty, Kitty

We don’t have trash pickup in our area so we have “convenience centers” located around the county. Each convenience center has a bunch of dumpsters and recycling containers where county residents can unload their trash for free. It is more convenient than going to the landfill and cheaper than trash pickup, but I hate loading trash into the back of our van.

On a recent trip to the convenience center, Ryan and I found an adorable stray kitten so, of course, we brought her home. Brett – being the sensible one when it comes to stray animals – was not thrilled about it when we told him on the phone but he warmed up to her when he met her in person.

She’s content to sit in our laps but she’s also got spunk. She might be a curtain climber. Fortunately she hasn’t discovered them yet but she scales our baby gate without a problem. Here right eye looks a little funky because we’re treating her for pink eye.

Oh, and we named her Kitty. Bbbbbbbbbbbbb’;’vfr (That is kitty-speak for “I like to walk on the keyboard”.)

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