Hickory Chickens

I had never heard of Hickory Chickens before we moved to Tennessee. They are odd little things. They don’t cackle or crow and you don’t have to feed them like traditional chickens. They live in the woods and you hunt them.

More sophisticated folks call them Morel Mushrooms. I’ve been told that this has been a banner year for them. Our friends, Steve & Rhonda, gave us some because they had found more they could eat.

We had them for dinner tonight. We almost tricked Ryan into thinking it was fried chicken, but he was too smart. Brett and I were finished eating by the time he took one bite. He liked it.

We sliced them in half lengthwise, breaded them with flour and a little seasoning, and fried them in a pan of oil. Ryan and I both thought that they would be rubbery, but they were crispy on the outside and a little mushy on the inside. They were good, but we didn’t think that they tasted like chicken.

  1. Hello there! I am a fellow Claiborne county citizen and with everything going on today with the COVID19 virus it’s only a matter of time before tazewell gets it. Well, instead of consistently reading, watching and waiting for one us to be a confirmed case I have decided to learn about local plants.i have been googling and downloading to my phone as much as possible so that I will be able to identify certain things indigenous to our area. I know it’s close time for moral mushrooms to pop up but I do not know the time when we should start looking for them. So as I was searching I ran upon your lovely site here and thought that maybe you could help me find out when I should start the search?

  2. Brooke, I’m not a mushroom lover so I’ve never actively hunted them, but based on the timing of this post, I’d say early to mid-April.

  3. Since I messaged last I’ve done a lot in preparation for a long quarintine. Thank you for your reply 🙂
    We are looking forward to getting out to gather them!
    Hope the message finds you all well.be careful and safe

  4. Have family in ga, they started hunting them days ago.. i only came to this post to find out what they were ????.. whats worse , im born,raised,and live in sc and never heard of such a thing

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