Leadership Claiborne Tours Our Farm

Ag Day is a special day for the Leadership Claiborne class to learn about local agriculture and it’s economic impact on the community. One of the agricultural businesses they visited was ours!

At our farm, students learned how a sweater is made – from the goat to the garment. They also learned about the trials and joys of starting a farm. The most exciting part of the tour for some was holding the adorable 2-week old goat kids.

Beth Bohnert, owner of Mountain Hollow Farm, explained that they are developing an agritourism business, therefore the farm has multiple aspects to it. They raise cashmere goats; offer farm tours, birthday parties, and knitting, crochet, and spinning lessons; and they have a store on the farm that sells yarn, fine handcrafts, loose leaf tea, goat’s milk soap, and gourmet food mixes.

The 3 paragraphs above were part of a press release I just sent to the local newpapers. What I did not include in it was that I love giving tours of the farm and this group was fabulous!

Leadership Claiborne class members try their hand
at harvesting cashmere during the “Goat to Garment”
presentation at Mountain Hollow Farm.

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