Llamas, Goats & Jesus?

I just closed the store for the day, put another log on the fire and sat down to watch Sense & Sensibility while I work on our 2013 marketing plan. Sounds like a fun Saturday night, huh? Lest I sound like too much of a bore, last night was fun.

We took a llama and 3 goats to Clear Creek Bible College for their live nativity. No, there was no llama at the birth of Jesus. Llamas are indigineous to South America, not the Middle East. However, it is hard to find a camel in this area, so our llamas “stand in” occasionally. No one seemed to mind. Beatrice was the hit of the evening, but she stood still and quiet during the presentation so as not to steal the show from Jesus.

A Shepherd with the goats & llama, Beatrice
  1. I love Beatrice (and Princess, also)! I think if there were a llama near Bethlehem a couple thousand years ago, Jesus and Mary would have definitely wanted the llamas to hang around for his birth! Really, what mother doesn't wish for llamas at the time of labor?

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