Look What We Found

The goats that are temporarily residing in our yard ruined our well cover. That’s not a big deal since it was an eye-sore anyhow. The previous homeowner put an old dog house over the well and filled it with insulation. We are going to replace it with a fake rock.

As we were cleaning it up, we found a bees’ nest in the insulation. I’d call them bumble bees, but I’m not a bee expert. All I know is that they were big! I’ve never seen a bees’ nest like this before so I thought it was blog-worthy.

In the foreground of the photo, the nest is undisturbed. The top of the nest it is broken open so you can see the larvae. Lying to the left of the nest is an adult bee. It looks completely black but I think it had a bit of yellow that is hidden at this camera angle.

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