Our Babies Are All Grown Up

This evening I am home alone because Brett is at work and our youngest son, Ryan, is at the Senior Prom with his friend Karri. It causes me to pause and reflect on the past 18 years with him.

Ryan & Karri

Recently he has started showing signs of adulthood. One of the big changes I’ve noticed is that he is taking his responsibilities here on the farm more seriously. Not that long ago, it was like pulling teeth to get him to do his regular chores. Now he does them (mostly) without reminding and sometimes he does extra stuff without me having to ask.

He is also growing spiritually. We are doing the Experiencing God Bible Study together and he has started reading the Bible daily with the goal to read the whole thing in a year.

Our oldest son, Andrew, has two milestones coming up. He graduates from college in a couple weeks and he is getting married to his wonderful fiancée, Rebecca, the next day. It is going to be a crazy fun weekend, and I can’t wait!

Andrew has earned a bachelors degree in math in 4 years. I had to mention “in 4 years” since so many students take longer to graduate nowadays. We are very proud of him and we are excited that Rebecca is becoming part of our family.

Rebecca & Andrew

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