Our Farm in the Snow

Yesterday we had the biggest snow storm since we moved here 2 1/2 years ago – about 8″. It made it difficult to feed the animals, but I carried my camera along and took some good pictures… and had a great workout! Here is a pictorial walk around our farm in the snow:

Cool snowcicle on our back porch roof

A photomerged panoramic view from our back porch. We start our feeding routine at the house. The dogs and rabbits are in the yard. From there we feed the chickens and goats just outside the far end of the yard.

Grover (pictured) & 2 bucklings are near the house. We’ll move them back with the other boys this week if we can pull the trailer through the snow.
The dam is about half way between the house & pasture
We’ve made it to the “big” pasture and loaded up the hay cart.
Ryan is pulling it through the snow. I helped by pushing.
It was quite a workout for both of us!

Hungry goats chasing after the fresh hay

Our Cashmere bucks enjoying their hay

Elvis is trying to sneak an extra share

On our way from the pasture to the barn, we go back past the house…

… and the store

The barn is our last stop. We need to feed the sheep
and llamas. Unfortunately, they were being camera shy.

This one is for my friend, Christy, who loves the
scraggly old holly tree in front of our house.

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