Our Farm in the Snow

This week has been unusually snowy here and last night we had freezing rain. I think we are going to brave the sloppy roads to go out for dinner tonight. I am feeling terribly shut-in!
Here is a virtual tour of our farm in the snow. I hope you enjoy it!

The holly tree in front of our house looks particularly festive in the snow.

Our male cashmere goats taking a break from lunch to take advantage of a photo op!

Our house. Soon there will be smoke coming from the chimney. The fireplaces are shot so we just ordered a wood stove. I can’t wait until it gets here!

Ryan looks happy in this photo, but believe me, feeding in the snow is not much fun. But it’s better than feeding in the rain!

Our dam. Or, as the real estate agent called it, our waterfall. Either way, it is beautiful no matter the season.

Can’t you just hear these boys saying to each other, “Do you think that thing is edible?”

Sheep & Llamas.

Our barn. It’s old & rustic, but I love it! I’ll never forget the feeling of satisfaction and pure joy I had the first time I swung open “my” barn doors!

Don’t worry about the animals being cold. They all have their winter coats on!

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