Rabbit Shearing Day

Jamie, before her haircut

Ryan and I sheared 2 of our 4 angora rabbits today. It happens 3 or 4 times a year. It’s a messy job; the fur gets EVERYWHERE. The photos are of Jamie, our female German Angora. She is even more beautiful in real life. I don’t know why, but it is hard to get a good photo of an Angora rabbit.

It took us 4 or 5 hours to shear 2 rabbits. I’ve been assured that it goes much faster with more practice. Hmmm…. I hope so! We tried using electric clippers for the first time today. Ryan did a lot of the shearing. I think with better clippers and more practice we will be able to do it much faster.

Jamie, after her haircut

Yes, it is the same rabbit in both photos. Jamie’s fur is brown and gray at the tips and white at the base.

As soon as I get a chance, I want to spin some of the angora into yarn and try felting some of it. I don’t know what I’ll make with it yet, but one thing’s for sure… it’ll be soft and warm!

  1. I have 2 German/French hybrids that are huge and it takes me about 1 hour each. It does get better over time. I think the timing is key – doing it at 2.5 months is way better than waiting til 4 months when the matt fairy goes hog wild. I use a human scissors from a beauty supply – it has to be super sharp or it can and will take forever. The more fatigued I get, nicking can happen, so the faster the clipping goes, the better. I've tried every version of electric clippers I can find including top notch sheep shearers for about $350. Nothing penetrates the coat. Have you find an electric one that works well? For me it just won't fall off like when I shear my dog, and all the fine fur goes airborne choking me to death.

  2. Jane, You are right about shearing before the matt fairy comes. Unfortunately, I don't always get to them in time.

    When I started shearing, I used embroidery scissors now I've switched to children's scissors. I like the blunt tips and they are cheap so when they get dull I just toss them and buy a new pair. I've not used electric shears since writing this post.

  3. May I first say your rabbit housing looks great. Some people think rabbits need to be inside but I have found they are happiest in an arrangement like yours. I am now trying to get back into French angoras but having a bit of trouble finding them in CO

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