Redneck Week at MHF

First, I have to say that I love being a redneck, even if I can only claim part-time status.

This story started about 3 weeks ago. Andrew wrecked our car on his way home from college. He is fine but the car is pretty smashed up. Since it is 12 years old, we decided to try to fix it ourselves. We’ve never worked on our cars before other than the standard oil changes, etc.

Yesterday we finally got tired of waiting for the weather to warm up and we started. We couldn’t get the hood up so after removing the bumper and grill, Andrew used a sawzall to cut a hole in the hood so we could open it and assess the damage under the hood.

That project is on hold until tomorrow when we get a new hood and headlight to install.

Today, I took a goat that died 2 weeks ago (she was frozen because of the cold weather) to a man to be skinned. Gruesome, I know, but she was in full cashmere and will make a fantastic pelt.

I wonder what other new experiences we’ll have this week…

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