Save the Puppies

Someone abandoned 4 adorable puppies in our pasture. We already have 5 dogs, of which 3 were similarly abandoned, so we can’t keep them. We need your help to find them good homes. If we don’t find homes for them by Monday, we will take them to the Bell County Animal Shelter where they will face near certain death.

Please forward this to everyone you know. Use email, facebook , twitter, blogs – any method you can. If we spread the message to enough people, we can find them good homes. Paste the link to this page into your message:

The puppies are very friendly and well-behaved. They look like a german shepherd mix, so they will be medium to large sized. They have short hair.

I really don’t want to take them to the shelter. Please help! If you’d like to adopt one of these puppies, contact us at (423) 869-8927 or

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