Spring Has Sprung!

Our Ducklings
Yes, it’s still cold outside and there are even patches of snow on the ground, but it feels like spring here at Mountain Hollow Farm because we received 15 ducklings in the mail yesterday.

In a month or so when they are ready to go outside, we will put them in the pasture with our goats. These ducklings are Khaki Campbells, one of several breeds that are excellent foragers. They love to eat plants and bugs, including liver flukes and other nasty parasites that can infect goats.

Parasite infestation is one of the leading causes of death in goats and the parasites are becoming resistant to medications. Therefore, the more we can do to prevent infestation, the better.

Another benefit to this breed is that they make good mothers, so maybe next year, we’ll have more little ducklings.

Young Adult Khaki Campbells
(photo compliments of Cackle Hatchery)

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