Summer Recap

Since I’ve not blogged in a while, this is a highlight of what’s been going on here at Mountain Hollow Farm.

Between kidding and new acquisitions, we are up to 31 goats. We have several adorable bucklings for sale.

Last month we had a roof put on over our deck. It was either put a roof on the deck or build/buy dog houses for our 5 dogs. We decided on the roof since we could enjoy it too. We reused the tin from the roof we replaced on the old store and lumber left over from the fence we built so we didn’t have to buy a lot of materials.

I didn’t have time to clean up the deck before I took this photo. Oh well, this blog is about real farm life, and this is as real as it gets. I wish I could keep it clean but it just doesn’t happen!

Then we hired our neighbor, Charlie, to power wash our house, and he brought his whole family. Emily and the kids helped with lots of odd jobs like sanding some old planters, cleaning up piles of wood scraps, weeding, cleaning up the store, and scrubbing deck furniture. Jobs are always more fun when you do them with friends. We could not have accomplished half as much as we did without their help. It was an exhausting but productive week.

We took a little break from all the work to join Brett’s family in Ocean City, MD for a week. We left the beach a couple days early to visit my family in PA. It was a great vacation.

After vacation, we spent most of our “free” time working on the store. We finally finished the interior. More on that in a future post.

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