The Good, the Bad, and the Yuck!

The Good
After about a week of rain, the sun is finally shining! We had 8 goat kids in a week and all but one are still living. The little guy who was struggling seems to be pulling through.

It’s fun to watch those kids playing. They jump around kind of like rabbits, hopping rather than running sometimes. They are very amusing. I’m looking forward to some sunny days so we can watch them without getting soaked!

The Bad
It was a tiring week. All of the goats kidded without problem, but as I mentioned before, one buckling died and his brother was not doing well. We kept him in the house the past several days. Consequently, I did not get much of anything done except tending to him. It’s not that he required that much attention, but I couldn’t help just watching him. Goat kids are very cute. Besides, I was not concentrating very well from lack of sleep. Just like human babies, goat kids need to nurse in the middle of the night.

The Yuck
Don’t read this if you are eating… Part of nursing this little goat back to health included giving him enemas. Honestly, I’ve never given an enema to anyone or anything before. I sat on the edge of the tub with his hind-end hanging into the tub. I’ll spare you the details; suffice it to say it was messy! Fortunately the tub is easy to clean. Once he started pooping normally again, he pooped a lot. Our dogs cleaned up after him, which was DISGUSTING but convenient. I have never, and will never, let dogs lick me!

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